Meet The Creators!

Howdy! We are Andy and Vanessa, creators of Catholic T-shirt Club. We are a small family business and live on a little farm in Texas.

We have a passion for learning new things, and creating shirts that glorify God. We have four beautiful children.

Usually, you can find us working on t-shirt designs, tending to our chickens, homeschooling, or cleaning up juice spills.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple! To make evangelization easy... and fun! Our goal is to provide a way for you to easily share the Truth to the world around you. Catholic T-shirts provide a way for ALL Catholics to reach the people around them with messages that give glory to God!

Join the Catholic T-shirt Club!

Thank you for supporting our family business! Our life's work is our Catholic T-shirt Subscription Box! We create each Surprise box from scratch with different Catholic Themes and send them to all our subscribers each month! We would love to have you join thousands of other Catholics who enjoy this awesome experience! Subscribe today!