Catholic T-shirt Club Fundraising

Are you looking for a creative and impactful way to raise funds for your Catholic church or school? Look no further than Catholic T-shirt Club Fundraisers! This simple yet effective fundraising tool has the power to bring your community together and support your mission in a meaningful and tangible way.

Catholic T-shirts serve as a symbol of faith, unity, and community. They contain meaningful logos, quotes, and images that reflect the values and beliefs of your Catholic Faith. Whether worn to church events, school, or around town; these T-shirts will spread awareness of your mission and foster a sense of joy among members.

Not only do Catholic T-shirt fundraisers raise much-needed funds, but they are also a fun and easy way to bring your community together. Encourage members to purchase T-shirts and wear them to events, creating a sense of unity and togetherness. This not only strengthens bonds within the community, but also raises awareness of your mission to others who may be inspired to get involved.

The best part about Catholic T-shirt fundraisers is that they are cost-effective and can reach a wide audience. There is no need for expensive marketing campaigns or high overhead costs, simply share our website with your parish and everyone you can, and you’ll make 20% of every sale made through your link. The more T-shirts sold, the more funds you can raise for your mission!

In conclusion, Catholic T-shirt fundraisers are a great way for Catholic churches and schools to raise funds, spread awareness, and bring their community together. So why wait? Start planning your T-shirt fundraiser today and see the impact it can have on your mission and community.

Why Choose Us?

Incredibly Easy

We make it rediculously simple for you to host a Catholic T-shirt Fundraiser. After signing up, you'll recieve a digital packet with printable flyers, links, QR codes and more! All you have to do is send everyone you can to your special link, let them shop our Catholic T-shirts, and you'll make 20% of everything they order!

No Product to Manage!

We handle everything for you. Once your fundraiser orders start coming through our system, we will pack them up and ship them directly to the customer! They will even get free shipping if their order qualifies! This way there are no order forms to mess with and no items to distribute to people!

So Easy for Your Team

After the fundraiser is over, we will send a check to your church, along with a full sales report of all the sales that came through your Church Link on our website. It's so easy, all you have to do is share the link and information with as many people as you possible can! Social media, email, flocknote, bulitens, everywhere!!

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Catholic Fundraising

How Do I Start?

*Get ready to host the easiest fundraiser ever*

First, sign up for our Fundraiser program at the bottom of this page.

Next, we will create unique links to our website where your Catholic friends can easily go to shop. They can either shop in the comfort of their own homes using your FUNDRAISER LINK, or you can use a computer or tablet set up after masses at your church to take orders.

As long as you and your customers shop on our website using your FUNDRAISER LINK, your group will get credit for the sale and make 20% of the entire order!

That's it! That's all the work you have to do! Pretty easy right?

We will recieve your customer's order immediately and get to work printing and shipping their Catholic T-shirt order for you. The orders will ship out your customers orders within 3-7 business days and they will have their T-shirts in hand shortly after that!