Catholic With A Purpose

Our mission is simple!  Provide a way for you to share positive Catholic messages unapologetically to the world around you.  Many Catholics are called to speak to great crowds, some are called to apologetics and discussion, but those callings can be challenging for most Catholics.  That is why we love Catholic T-shirts so much!  They provide a way for ALL Catholics to reach the people around them with messages that give glory to God!

Wear your faith on your sleeve

On average, a T-shirt is viewed over 3000 times in it’s lifetime, making it a great tool to share the good news of the Gospel!

Meet The Creators!

Hello There! We are Andy and Vanessa! We started this ministry in 2017 because we knew there is a need in our world for quality Catholic apparel that has meaning and purpose. We design every T-shirt in our shop, and all of our subscription