Pray, Hope & Don't Worry

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Scripture tells us countless times to "Be not afraid" and not to worry, so why is it so easy to fall into a feeling of worry and anxiety?

Look at St. Peter when Jesus called him to step out of the boat during a huge storm at sea.  Peter faithfully stepped out onto the waves and walked toward Jesus, but he began to worry and get frightened by the world around him crashing about.  He took his eyes off Jesus and began to sink directly into what he feared most.

Likewise, Jesus calls us out of our comfort zones, into the torrents of the world.  A world so stormy that the only way to stay above water is to keep our eyes fixed on Christ.  And when we are overwhelmed and begin to sink into the depths of our fears.... There is Jesus, waiting to grab our hand and pull us back up again.

So don't be afraid!  Get out there into the world and proclaim the Truth that God has given you!  And when you wear your brand new tee, you can share God's Grace with everyone you encounter!